11 Big 2021 Fashion Trends That Should be in Your Closet

When the very difficult year of 2020 ends, we are slowly starting to get back on life’s track. While everything is going back to normal, you need to make sure that you make the best impression on everyone when you step your foot back in the game called life. AClothes play a very important and crucial role in giving out a first impression. If you wear a light colored baby top along with a pair of blue jeans you will give out those ‘baby vibes’ while on the other hand if you wear a dark oversized hoodie along with gray colored sweats you will give out ‘emo’ and ‘cool’ vibes. Fashion truly plays a very important and big role!

We have gathered a list of 2021 fashion trends that you need in your closet right now!

Belts On Waist

Belts are not only needed by your jeans now! The trend has been given a rise by the social media influencers when they look absolutely stunning with a belt tied on their waist while wearing a dress. The belt trend works with many types of dresses be it printed, plain, soft, or dark. The trend is super cute and is a must to try out.

Bralettes are back!

Are you also one of those people who stopped wearing a bra in 2020 and now you just cannot go back to it? Do not worry! We are here. Models and celebrities do not seem to be getting enough of the bralettes they are wearing under coats, cardigans, shrugs and so much more. Perfect to wear on a friends day out in the mall. The bralettes can be paired up with anything from pants and palazzos.

Matching Overalls

Social media influencers have been posting a lot of pictures of them wearing the same t-shirt and pants and this seems to be becoming a trend. The trend caught the eye of many fans and has given a rise to the market prices of overalls. These are mainly preferred with printed tees and bottoms but looks absolutely stunning with plain tees as well. The perfect outfit for a ‘chic’ and ‘cool’ vibe.

Everything Bright!

Colors like neon, bright pin, and bright orange are preferred by so many models, celebrities, and social media influencers and this seems to be becoming a trend in 2021. So many models and influencers can be seen posting their pictures with bright colored clothes that look very pretty on them. The neon shoes have always been in trend as well and there is no chance they are giving their place to someone else!

Black And White

What recently was called ‘too boring’ is now seemingly catching the attention of models and celebrities. Black and whte pairs have been catching a lot of attention in 2021 and you really need them in your closet more and more! A pair of black and white skirt with a black crop top sounds perfect for a ‘just me’ look! It is really worth trying.

Maxis are a trend now!

Maxis are not just meant to be a sleep attire anymore! Some social media influencers flexed some pictures of themselves wearing a maxi which instantly caught the eyes of hundred thousands of fans. Maxis are bi=eing worn by people in their day to day lives now! Shocking? No! It is a really cute trend because a maxi can be styled into various cute attires as well. Go buy them before they are out of stock!

Chess board

Coats and cardigans painted like a chess board have been becoming a trend and catching the eye of many fans. Social media influencers and models have recently worn these types of coats and settled a trend for so many people. Quick! Buy all the chess board designed coats you find before they run out of stock.


Ladies and gentleman! Vests are now a trend! Vests have been being worn by so many celebrities and models that it has now become a trend. A plain vest on top of your simple daily attire will give it a more comfy and soft look. Trust us! You need to try this absolutely cute trend out right now.

Oversized everything

Yep! It is still a trend. Oversized clothes are just perfect, aren’t they? Yes! Oversized pants, oversized tees, oversized dresses, and so much more!  These look very comfy yet stylish and give you very ‘cool’ vibes.It is a must to have oversized clothes in your closet. They are always a trend.

Balloon sleeves

A slit dress with some balloon sleeves is perfect for an occasion. These types of sleeves have been gaining a tremendous amount of attention and are being tried out by so many people that it is now safe to say, balloon sleeves are a trend in 2021. These look very beautiful, you must try them out at least once this year of 2021.

High waisted jeans

Did you gain a little weight this 2020? Do not worry! We have the perfect solution for you. High waisted jeans make everything better. They are super comfy to wear on a daily basis and give you a very ‘classy’ vibe. They match up with any pair of toop in your closet so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them out right now before 2021 ends! 

The above mentioned trends are expected to reach a very high growth by the end of 2021 and you must try them out to make the best impression on your family and friends. The Fashion Wiki has all these mentioned fashion clothes available on their website at affordable and pocket friendly prices so you must check them out as soon as possible. By clicking the link below you earn yourself a chance to explore some of the best fashion trends to make the best comeback in 2021 and leave everyone shocked. 

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