8 Type Of Shoes For Women’s Wardrobe In 2021

What makes or breaks a look faster than a pair of killer shoes? Fashion wiki considers shoes the accessory for the queen, the cherry on top of any outfit, and they can often be as essential as your outfit itself.

Shoes are the perfect investment; you can wear them for years and years from one season to another to come but if you do it correctly. You do not need a million options; with a wide range of outfits, you really only need a few that you can wear. You can instead select timeless choices if you miss out on fast fashion and trendy pairs that you know you will be just as excited to wear when you take them out of storage next summer, too.

With these 8 shoes, create your ultimate shoe capsule wardrobe, fashion wiki will definitely give the best advice for fashion lovers.

1) The classic black pumps

It is an absolutely important thing for any woman regardless of how old they are. Fashion wiki might be shocked if this was not in your closed space any longer. Well, there has always been a reason why it is a classic! An amazing black pump can simply go well with every particular that you have in our wardrobe, and almost need them for every occasion;  company events, a fashion party, etc. It is a must to have at least one pair in your wardrobe! Go for classic design and styles, do not go on getting sneaked away by a new trendy edition and it will be unfashionable next year.

2) Slide Sandals  

One of the trendiest footwear in the 2021 right now is Slide sandals. A variety of celebrities and fashion bloggers you will spot  killing their dresses with a trendy bow slide in sandals or slide in sandals with dual belts in the summer fashion look.Slide sandals are relaxed and trendy with casual clothes and complement the best. If heels are not your thing, then slide sandals should certainly be on your list – they won’t run away. Fashion wiki is absolutely in love with the trend of slide sandals!

3) The Style Wedges

These boots with wedges are ideal for you if you are not comfortable wearing boots with block heels and still want to be tall. When combined with a dress and stockings, they look beautiful – the style is versatile as someone can wear it for almost any occasion, whether casual wear or party wear. It is not all about to be considered as winter boots they can be carried on any occasion. You will be slaying in the 2021 winter with such winter fashionable style wedges.

4) Lace Up Boots

These basic lace-up boots are never really out of style, they have always been trending. Lace Up boots are another pair of necessities for winter that you can not do without. Lace Up boots can easily make a minimal presence stand out. With leggings and skin-fit jeans, lace up boots look stunning. In your winter wardrobe, you have to have lace up boots as they are ideal for your regular looks. You might need them for your winter fashion outfit.

5) Thigh high Boots

Thigh high boots certainly steal the thunder each time as they are elegant and classy at the same time. They are the all-time favourite. Thigh high boots can be matched comfortably with an oversized sweatshirt dress or a sweater and skirt combination. When it comes to making a point, thigh high boots are the real deal. You can buy thigh high boots with heels, or it totally depends on your comfort without them. You will find thigh high boots in various materials, such as leather and suede. According to fashion wiki choose the one that best suits your style.

6) Ankle length boots

During the cold season, looking for your perfect on the go footwear? With those ankle booties, you will never go wrong. While this type of ankle boots are regarded during winter as a holy grail, you can actually wear ankle boots in any season you choose. It is essentially a flexible pair, all at once, that exudes comfort and chicness. So, do not just limit your ankle length booties to snow and ice, and treat them to some striking shows on the street.

7) Loafers 

You have got to have a pair of loafers in your winter wardrobe if boots are not your thing. Not everybody is happy to wear boots – for those who are not comfortable wearing boots, loafers are the perfect option. Make sure that you do have the elegant black loafers that go with virtually all of your looks. To make the whole look more appealing, one may pair it with a winter dress along with see through stockings.

8) Oxford Shoes

Recently, Oxford shoes began to trend enormously during the winter season, rather it is a flexible one as it can be worn during summers as well as with a dress or a casual regular look. You can choose from a number of different brown shades, nude shades and even the black ones look pretty classy. The best part of these Oxford shoes is that they add class to your minimal appearance and also encourage you to make a statement. You have got to have one in your wardrobe, as the 2021year  is certainly going to be a big trend.


A match made in heaven is women and shoes! No sum is ever adequate, and there are never enough pairs of shoes for any woman. Each outfit you wear deserves a suitable shoe style, because shoes are not just any accessory.

But there are so many kinds of shoes that preventing misunderstanding is inevitable. We completely understand the emotional stress every woman goes through, buying a new pair every time she’s out. Don’t worry ladies, fashion wiki is always there for you and so we have helped you right away with the kinds of shoes that your wardrobe requires.

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