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Do you think you can create new styles for yourself using your same wardrobe? The answer is, you can. This is what I did this year for myself.

Now, mixing and matching is a phenomenon not many feels sits well with their wardrobe and their sense of styling. But it is just your mental limitation and it has nothing to do with what you can do with your wardrobe.

I say it since I tried it and it worked out so well, now all my friends have tried doing the same thing to their wardrobes seeking quick counsels from me.

Let’s get back to what we can do to our wardrobes and how without spending a penny or probably a little from our hard-earned money we can still have our wardrobe styled within our budget.


Tips and tricks to use for wardrobe restyling.

#1:Filter out from your own closet!

Remove all the stuffs from your closet and sort them out in your way. I usually do the sorting based on the type of the wear. So, first round of sorting would be separating pants, shirts, suits, gowns and all the other kind of wears in my closet.

This can give you a fair idea of what you have and this is the first step to find out what you can do with them.

#2: Let go your previous combinations

Arrange them differently. How can you do that?

Well, try to put your yellow shirt with the grey jean instead of the blue.

Change the pairings based on the common colour mapping.

Remember to stick to the COLOUR RULE- like know which colours can’t go together for a shortcut.

For example, never try beige with yellow (it can give you an aged look), do not attempt deep purple with white (it can make you look fainter than you are) and for sure never try purple with violet (trust me people won’t be able to make out your outline from far).

If you have someone who is good with the COLOUR RULE, seek their advices and if you are all alone then consult Google.

# 3: Always remember your accessories

Club your accessories up together and as you keep sorting your clothes, make sure you keep sorting your accessories too. Again forget the old pattern and create a new pattern out of them.

Make sure to try out a different scrunchie or a different pair of sunglasses with your new colour combinations.

Even attempt to change your watch, caps, capes, mufflers and anything that you used with the previously might add a brightness to your daily wear combination. Mix and match as much as possible.

#4: Always pair and check your jewelleries

A change of jewellery can definitely change the way you look.

So, you can try to replace your thin gold chain with your previous black mini skirt and a light yellow top combo, with pearls for your black skirt and white top instead.

So, jewelleries change a lot about how you look ordinarily and they can also change the combination creating a completely fresh look for you instead.

#5: Try creating layers in your clothing

It has never gone out of style and instead of sticking to just one pair of clothes try adding a few more to it.

In winters try different sweaters, tweed jackets, faux fur coats, mufflers, and style your socks differently.

So one upon the other always looks good and you can try it surely for a change.

#6: Neutralize the patterns in your closet

You can try neutralizing any clothing segment that seems to stand out in your wardrobe.

If you have a polka or a leopard print then you can try to team it up with your torn jeans or your faded jeans.

This will tone down the entire look that you wore earlier with such prints.

#7: Shop in shops than doing online shopping

Normal outletscan offer you cheaper variations. You can often find great matchesfor pairs in your closet that you can’t team up with anything else.

#8: Don’t follow brands

Do not follow brands since with them you can’t often find good mix and match combinations. If you want to buy something wholesome from them, of course they might be the solution but otherwise, try to get your spare matching or contrast sets from some local brands or shops.

What are the normal tricks to try?

  • Make sure you fit into your dresses
  • Get a good tailor for yourself
  • Wear or try “handed down” clothes.
  • Know your own measurements properly
  • Be attentive to your own shape and sizes
  • Always care for your clothes well. Follow the instructions about how you should wash your clothes and make sure you keep them well preserved.

Remember, it is not about brands and names, it is all about what accentuates your personality and what doesn’t. Refurbish your wardrobe, and try to stick to what you have, only try to replenish those essentials from stores that you don’t have.

So, try the sale or the “handed over” clothes for a better styled outfit when on a budget with an ideal mix and match.

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