Best traditional festival outfits – A Guide

Traditional Festival Outfits

India is a land of festivals, and almost every day, some or the other part celebrates one or the other festival. Even in other parts of the world, festival seasons means the right clothes or elaborate clothes.

Traditional outfits come in different colours and patterns, probably the most vibrant colour combinations ever seen anywhere arise only during the festivals. People don’t mind wearing slightly uncomfortable clothing lines when its festival times.

Let’s focus on what Indians love wearing during festivals and what the western worlds love wearing during their festive seasons. Let’s not forget the far-east cultures as well, where dresses during celebrations are quite different from India as well as the West.

For Indian Festivals

Are you an Indian hoping to find out what you could wear this festive season?

Well, let’s see what could be the best traditional outfits for the season.

Women can try-

  • Lehenga with the shirt: Try the fusion lehengas for a change. Another option you have is the suit Lehenga. They are entirely reliable for that complete Indian look.
  • Long jacket with palazzo pants: Try the amazingly beautiful overtop jackets over anything that you choose to wear below it. Simply light, they can bring in so much fun and design wrapped together.
  • Sarees: Ohh! How could we forget the fusion Sarees where all you need is an Indi Western-styled blouse for your regular Sarees to call it a fusion Saree? You can try to wrap the Saree like a Marathi, or like a Bengali or even follow the regular wrap pattern. How can I forget a one-piece saree? You could try them out. They neither need you to wear a blouse or a petticoat below your Sarees. Super easy to wear, you could slip into them easily.
  • Kurta and Kurti setDesigner kurtas can take your breath off. You could also try dhoti dresses for a change.
  • DressesPalazzo dresses have caught up fire recently. Apart from them, you could try the ethnic gowns. Though not of Indian origin, the gowns have somehow taken the hearts of Indian women who love to wear them as much as their Western counterparts.

Cape style dresses are also an alternative option for you. They are gorgeous and introduce so many designer patterns into your ethnic store. Ethnic maxi dresses are some other combinations to try. They can be equally beautiful and stylish and can be a good part of Indian ethnic fashion as a whole.

  • Peplum tops which have block prints or Banaras traditional designs are becoming the latest fashion trends off late. Try them out as they let you try a combination of ghagra and blouse together for your comfort. Since they are made from the same material, you can always rely on them for your ethnic look.

Indian men can on the other hand try-

  • Nehru jackets

Almost every man must have Nehru jackets in their wardrobe as a festive outfit. Try whole colour suits, pairing them elegantly with Nehru jackets. They might go well with almost anything like dhotis and kurtas and even pathani suits.

  • Dhoti pants

Dhoti pants are not something that you can wear as everyday fashion but when it comes to festivals you can for sure, wear them. Try them with a kurta and also use a Nehru jacket and you can’t deny how beautifully they go together!

  • Sherwani goes very well for men.

Men often try Sherwani during weddings, so why nottry it for festive seasons. An off-white Sherwani can be worn in any of the festive occasions. For men, Sherwani is one of the best wears, and it can turn out very well for them in any of the festivals.

For Western Festival Celebrations

Usually, the festive mood is same everywhere no matter wherever you are and whatever festival you are participating. The climate and our natural environment has given rise to several varieties of clothes, and in different places, people wear a different set of clothes for festivals and in regular times.

For Festivals of the West, women can try

Sequin long gowns, suits or skirts for festivals.

Mini dresses, blazers and even tea dresses, midi dresses, and wrap dresses also do well for women in the Western lands.

For men could try nothing but

Tailored suits and blazers shine better for festivals in such environments.

For Festivals of the Far East

Kimonos and Yukata has ruled the Far East when it comes to dressing for festivals. Nothing has ever taken their place or even been close during the festive seasons for the Japanese culture.

Kimonos have a fascinating history, and they were thought to have originated during the Wu dynasty. Usually, elegant silk kimonos were born by princesses in those days, and the rest of their subjects wore kimonos made from locally manufactured cotton.

Kimono symbolizes long life and good luck.

Specific motifs built in the dress are usually made, keeping in mind the wearer. Usually, kimonos are not manufactured in bulks but made individually for different people.

From the Samurai’s everyday wear, Kimono is now just a festive wear and is taken out occasionally from the closets during festivals.

To conclude, we can put it this way, festivals always have a mood of their own, and humans respond to it with changing colours and patterns that last for a few days before resuming normalcy. Festivals can change a lot around us, and thus, we tried putting up the best traditional outfits for this festive season, based on different geographical cultures.

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