Essential things to be kept in makeup bag


“Having all your makeup stocks can keep a busy girl happy” as goes the saying.

Whether it is your coffee meetings, road trips, Thursday night happy hours or Friday night outs, keeping your make up essentials within your reach is one way to be ever ready whenever there appears a need.

So what are the essentials you would require daily?

  1. Lip Balm

Lip balms and their smell are therapeutic.

Keep one with you always, and on some days they can be enough for that ultimate style statement.

  • Extra contacts or glasses/ clear gels

You cannot realize when your glasses can fly off.

So is the case with contact lenses.

Thus, always keep contact lenses or glasses within your reach, an extra pair with you wherever you are.

Clear gels for contact lenses will help keep your eyes moist.

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the best way to keep yourself away from the harmful rays of the Sun and also to keep enough moisture locked in your facial skin when moisturizing your skin with regular moisturizers is not possible.

  • Setting spray/powder

Setting spray/ powder can keep your make up in place.

Different formulations are available in the market, which can either help you obtain a matte finish, or a radiant finish depending on your needs.

  • For your eyes

Remember if you are fond of eye makeup then learn to keep your lips nude or try a little colour, possibly red or pink whichever suits you best.

For eye makeup, just these two stuffs can create a lot of difference.

  • Eye Liner
  • Kohl

Nothing can beat this combination and trust me, you don’t need anything else if you know how to apply these two products confidently.

Mascara and eye shadows must not be used if you are going to have a busy field day.

On Indian skin tone, these two products can create wonders; however, on Caucasians and whites, you can always try a slight eye shadow to complete your look.

  • Brushes, Ohh! How can you forget?

When painting with your hands try doing it on your papers.

But when you are painting your skin, do not forget your brushes.

Brushes can help you with almost everything- blending, brushing off extra makeup chunks from your face, and helps you place eye shadows on your cheeks and blushes on your eyelids.

Underlining statement is, do not miss your brushes.

  • Lipstick

If you are more into lipsticks than gloss, then try to keep your lipsticks in your bag.

Not all of your lipsticks, but those that suit your skin tone the best.

In this way, each time you find they have faded, try patting up your lips a bit with them to experience the same glamorous look throughout the day.

  • Brow gels

Do you love to have those well-defined eyebrows and the tinted gel works best for you?

Well, apply it and brush the hair of your eyebrows upward. Now, the tricky part is to fill only those parts of the eyebrow that is necessary.

Touch them lightly with your hands and let them compliment your features, concealing the errors in the eyebrow and instead highlighting and accentuating them wherever required.

  • A Facial mist

A facial mist is often the answer to the dry skin and the cakey makeup on your skin.

They mostly come in small spray bottles and leaves your skin thoroughly hydrated and moisturized with a feel-good scent to uplift your spirits.

Try to keep it for a mid-day touch or keep it for the evenings if you do not get the time to do your make up again for a quick dinner with your friends or for a last-minute meeting over dinner.

Compact makeup remover for travel

Cleaning your makeup is a healthy routine you must follow if you want to ensure your skin keeps glowing every morning. Your skin needs to breathe every day, and if you don’t remove your makeup, it can clog your pores, making it dull taking away your shine.

When at home, removing makeup is super easy with all the available ingredients, but when on a travel tour, do not ever miss removing your makeup. Thus, quite handy and compact, the travel makeup removers can easily slide into your handbag and can help you stick to your regime like on days when you are at home.

So, no matter what anyone says, a girl can only be confidently walking around when she knows her makeup is safely in place. Yes, if you are a no makeup person, a lip gloss might be enough. But, if your makeup is very much who you are then carrying these ten essentials can almost always rescue you, no matter where you are or what you are doing during the day.

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