Three fashion trends on pants to try this season

Woollen Pants Fashion

Winters are always the best season to get dressed with so many more clothing options to choose from, so let’s catch up on what set of pants can be worn this winter while the COVID-19 still spoils our mood. The best part of this season is, no matter whether you go out or not, you still need to wear your pants, sweaters, mufflers, caps, jackets, gloves, even as your home wear.

So, why not, try to experiment and look best even while at home? The snow, the fog and the chilling cold can allow you to try different patterns and colour variations to their fullest.

One must admit going around works without our pants on, can be a difficult task, especially when skirts, frocks and dresses are mostly kept in the last segments of our wardrobe during the winters. Thus, we must admit that pants play a very crucial role in how we dress up for the winters.

Women mostly prefer pants over skirts and other loose forms of dresses during winters since pants help in covering up our legs immensely well during the stark cold.

It is mainly the shape of the pants which suits us well that we women prefer them over other garments during the winter months.

We are thus here to show you a few pant trends for this season and let’s jump in to find out what can suit best on you.

Best pant trends for the winters

Pants can be fashionable but they should also be durable and capable of protecting us from the winter snow and cold. Here are a set of three fashion trends on pants that have caught our eyes sheerly

  • For the fabric used in building them up,
  • For their cut,
  • Their ability to do what they are here to do- protecting us during the long winters with style.

Let’s check them out one by one.

  1. Wool Pants! 

What could work best than woollen pants for this winter? I wonder.

I found them to be quite a good match for the winters for three primary reasons-

  • They are made of wool.
  • Woollen pants have the most formal cuts suitable for almost every occasion.
  • They are quite high on the style quotient.

 The pants designed from wool used as fabric look good when they sit high on the waist. You can go for either the front-pleated or the non-pleated version. The pleated version can give render a relaxed look upon you. Wear them anywhere as I said before, straight from the office to a dinner party, all you got to do is change what you wore above it to the office or even just your pair of shoes.

You can try a woollen blazer and switch to mules for your dinner maybe, or you can try an altogether different combination that syncs with your pants well.

Leather pants for the winters! A choice you can’t ignore 

Yes, our next choice would again be a material that can well protect you in the winter months.

You’re right! Leather is the new winter trend you can try for sure.

Leather can protect you undoubtedly and undeniably this winter, thus as a fabric can do the magic that can’t be imagined with any other material for sure.

Try skinny leather trousers, a sporty or an edgy one as per your style.

What to try on top of it?

Anything, a denim jacket, shades of pastel purple and pink, a blazer, a cropped woollen top or a semi-shirt for different occasions.

Now try a blazer or a double sweater to match your look.

Try heels! They go very well when not walking in the snow.

You can also try simple sweaters, jackets, even faux fur coats and you would look incredibly younger.

A white faux fur coat, how about that? Teamed with a grey tee tucked or left loose!

Cropped Flare Jeans can make your day. Women need them for comfort

Women, who rely heavily on jeans, can switch to cropped flare jeans this winter for sure!

What would be better than them? Of course, nothing can match what jeans can do to you.

Made of jeans, they offer you the comfort and protection you seek from your pants during the winters. Not only that, these jeans can put you up high on the style quotient as soon as you switch into them.

A raw, frayed hem can do wonders. Use them anytime, whether for your weekdays or weekends, never mind, go for them.

What rules to follow when pairing up the cropped flared jeans?

  1. Above the ankle is the best length to try, even for winter paired with socks.
  2. Flared hems look best with cropped flared jeans.
  3. Try block-heeled shoes when you don’t know what else would go well with it.
  4. Tuck in the shirt with your flared pants
  5. Ultra-wide flare looks best with heels.
  6. A statement top or a coat with high heels or flat heels (as suits you!) and cropped flared jeans can be the ultimate choice for this winter.
  7. Try black cropped flares if you are not able to decide upon the right colour.

Follow the rules!


Break the rules!

 Make your fashion statement this winter.

 All we have attempted through this article is to tell you the desired pant fashion trends to try this winter. Rest we leave it on you and your senses.

 If you have any suggestions that benefit a more massive crowd, do not forget to tip us with your comments and ideas in the box below.

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